The Mandalorian

Disney Plus

Season 3 Episode 2

The Mines of Mandalore

The Mandalorian and Grogu explore the ruins of a destroyed planet.

Din and Grogu return to Tatooine during Boonta Eve to visit Peli Motto and get a part for IG-11. It’s an entertaining prelude that signifies the upcoming adventure and I like the pace of it. I also like the fact that Grogu is getting more expressive verbally. We also get to know more about Din and his past as he teaches Grogu lessons he learned growing up.

The conflict is established pretty early on as the pair make their way to the surface of Mandalore. The production design is beautiful and the surface of the planet is made to look menacing and dangerous. There is a great action sequence as Din makes his way into the mine and some great suspense when he is confronted by something new and unexpected. As a life long Star Wars fan, I was impressed with this new creature and how it looked.

The threat allows for Grogu to get into the action and there are some great moments of tension throughout, especially when he has to go to a familiar face for help. Katee Sackhoff returns as Bo-Katan Kryze and is given some great action moments. She’s also given the opportunity to educate both Din and the audience on the history of Mandalore. It’s personal and Sackhoff’s performance sells it.

Din and Bo-Katan arrive at the Living Waters and the action continues with a scene that not only increases the pace of the action, but contains a reveal that changes everything for one of the characters.

If the first episode of the season was about setting the stage, than this episode definitely starts the show. It’s lively, entertaining and exciting from start to finish.

The Mandalorian S03XE02



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