The Mandalorian

Disney Plus

Season 3 Episode 1

The Apostate

The Mandalorian begins an important journey.

Mando and Grogu are back in a new adventure as season three kicks off with a Mandalorian gathering to induct a new foundling into the group. Things get intense when the ceremony is interrupted by an attack by a creature from beneath the seas. The action is really intense and showcases the power of the Mandalorians before a ship comes in to save the group. I like the twist at the end of the scene and how it effectively fools the audience.

Din meets with the Armorer to discuss his transgression and reveals that he has been investigating ways to atone for removing his helmet. An investigation that will lead him back to Mandalore. Unfortunately, with all things Mandalorian, he can’t just go straight there. Mando begins another side quest as he heads back to Navarro to seek out something on the planet that can help him.

He meets with Greef Karga in order to resurrect IG-11. It’s an interesting plot point to bring back a character that died in the first season and it’s introduction got my attention as a fan. There are some cute and funny Grogu moments in the episode as well as Mando making a new enemy in a band of pirates. The action is great in both the pirate fight as well as the space battle.

Mando and Grogu decide to pay a visit to another familiar face and there is a great sequence in hyperspace that fans of Rebels will go crazy for. The final meeting at the end of the episode is tense, but not as intense as I expected.

The first episode of the third season has all of the fun and lore of the previous seasons, but it felt a little too formulaic to me. After everything that we’ve experienced with these characters in the first two seasons, I was expecting more intensity and conflict, especially between Din and Bo Katan. I was impressed with the look of the episode and the Easter eggs, but the episode itself just felt like the moment you place your pieces on the board before the real game begins.

The Mandalorian S03XE01



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