The Last Mermaid #3

Image Comics

Written by Derek Kirk Kim

Art by Derek Kirk Kim

Colors by Derek Kirk Kim

Letters by Derek Kirk Kim

The Rundown: The Mermaid fights for her life and discovers that she is not alone in the world.

Lottie has been taken by a huge underwater beast and the Mermaid shows that her mech suit is not her only defense. After rescuing her friend, the pair of them dive deeper into the water as the suit sinks into the darkness.

With the creature in pursuit, the mermaid goes after her suit and manages to fight her way out. As the creature follows, the mermaid discovers that there has been someone following her and he might be trying to help.

The Story: Derek Kirk Kim continues to surprise and delight with an issue that upended all of my expectations of what could happen next for this character. I loved seeing her have agency outside of her mech suit and how formidable a character she is on her own. The reveal in the story was brilliantly done as well and the story had a wonderful balance of both action and emotion.

The Art: The visuals capture the thrilling chase and action of the story while also crafting and enhancing all of the emotional beats of the story.

The Last Mermaid #3



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