Ultimate Spider-Man #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by David Messina

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Cory Petit and Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Harry Osborn’s tragedy will lead to a new and dark mission.

Harry Osborn makes his way to a party being thrown by his parents when the attack that changed New York happens. An attack that not only kills his parents but puts him and his wife in charge of their company. An act that will bring him face to face with someone who wants a favor. After granting that favor, Harry discovers the secrets hidden by Howard Stark. Secrets that will reveal the truth about who really runs the world he lives in.

Harry begins a new mission with the technology he discovers. A mission that will put Tony Stark on his radar along with his mission to create the heroes that should have been part of the world. Osborn’s mission will change and his first act will be to bring Spider-Man into his confidence so that they can work together.

The Story: Hickman continues to create an interesting and thoroughly entertaining world in this series. I love the pace of the story and how it allows for the characters to be the focus. Having this issue be about Harry’s journey is a great move that showcases the duality of the character while showing the reader that his intentions might be good, but not that good. It opens the door for some interesting conflict to come.

The Art: Messina delivers some great art in the issue. The imagery is beautifully detailed and perfectly captures the dark tone of the story and the character.

Ultimate Spider-Man #5



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