The Last Mermaid #1

Image Comics

Written by Derek Kirk Kim

Art by Derek Kirk Kim

Colors by Derek Kirk Kim

Letters by Derek Kirk Kim

The Rundown: A young mermaid fights to survive a world devoid of water.

Morning breaks on a world covered in sand. In the wake of a sand storm, a machine is uncovered filled with water an unusual occupant. A young female mermaid is awakened by a small axolotl named Lottie who reminds her that they need to find fresh water soon because the toxicity levels in their exo-suit increases.

As she continues her search and discovers some clues that might lead her to water, she finds herself falling into a deep ravine that damages her only means of transportation and as she fears what will happen next, she doesn’t notice that she is being watched.

The Story: Kim delivers a fantastic first issue of an intriguing and engaging story. It has a brilliant concept filled with great mystery and a conflict that immediately got my attention. There is great action and suspense throughout the story and I look forward to exploring this world, this character and her story.

The Art: Kim’s art is beautifully detailed and visually engrossing. I felt myself drawn into the world of this story visually and the visuals are brilliantly done.

The Last Mermaid #1



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