The Joker #13

DC Comics

Written by Sam Johns & James Tynion IV

Inks by Cam Smith

Art by Guiseppe Camuncoli and Belen Ortega

Colors by Arif Prianto and Luis Guerrero

Letters by Tom Napolitano and Becca Carey

The Rundown: Vengeance and the Joker finally face-off. Punchline goes on trial.

The story opens with a dinner party filled with excess and horrific surroundings. Outside the location, the Joker talks with his captor. Soon, Vengeance arrives on the scene and causes a commotion. As the guests flee from danger, Vengeance confronts the Joker. Finally, the two enemies are interrupted by a surprising duo.

When Punchline faces a jury of her peers, the prosecution worries about their lack of witnesses and evidence. Soon, Punchline takes the stand and expresses her opinion. Then a surprising witness takes the stand. Finally, an impactful verdict is reached.

The Story: Tynion IV creates a tense and action filled narrative in the penultimate chapter of this series. I enjoyed watching Vengeance in action as she fought against the Sampson family. I also appreciated her reaction to the Joker’s entreaties. However, I was most interested in the Sampson family dinner. I think the commentary on wealth and depravity was timely and thought provoking. I look forward to the resolution of this plotline in the next issue.

The B story delves into Punchline’s cunning and cult of personality. It also explored the Influence of the Royal Flush Gang. It will be interesting to see how this story will conclude.

The Art: The illustration in this issue uses modern styling that heavily features realistic and detailed drawings. Both stories also have bold and realistic colors. These characteristics are both transportive and connective and do a great job complimenting the tone of the respective tales.

The Joker #13



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