1ffe2e5eb4bf6d82b32bd7791788e89aThe Incredibles 2

Disney/ Pixar

Directed by Brad Bird

Starring Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L Jackson, Sarah Vowell, Brad Bird, Sophia Bush, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, Isabella Rosellini, Phil LaMarr, John Ratzenberger and Jonathan Banks

Rated PG

It’s been 14 years since the last adventure of the Parr family and the best thing about this movie is that they announce from the beginning that they have not missed a step. The movie opens with the aftermath of the Underminer invasion of the city and the first of many harrowing and thrilling action sequences as Bob (Craig T. Nelson) and Helen (Holly Hunter) spring into action to stop him. After more destruction devastates the city, Bob, Helen and family are reminded of the illegality of “Supers”, prompting their handler Dicker (Jonathan Banks) to have to step in one more time.


The world is still changing and not for the better for the family and Telecommunications guru Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) decides that he is going to do everything that he can to change the law and he needs Elastigirl to do it. This leads to one of the conflicts of the film which is Bob feeling left out of the heroics as Helen takes center stage and he stays behind to take care of the kids. Bob’s travails in the home are pretty well done and there is an effort to not make his struggles cookie cutter. He has difficulty adjusting to his new role as stay-at-home dad, but he does his best to do what’s right for the kids and support Helen, especially when he discovers that Jack Jack has powers of his own.


Everything involving Jack Jack in this movie is comedic gold. My favorite part of the film is the baby’s epic battle against as surly racoon in the backyard. It is a brilliant sequence, one of several great visual sequences in a movie that ramps up the action to a level that rivals most live-action action films (The final battle at the end was remarkable). Director Brad Bird returns as the voice of superhero costume designer Edna Mode in another great sequence that ends with a pretty heartwarming moment that drives home that the Parr’s are family and they support each other.


Deavor and his sister Evelyn (Catherine Keener) are well done and fully realized additions to the cast as is the villain who Helen hunts throughout the film, The Screenslaver, who hypnotizes his victims in order to make them do whatever he wants. There are some great moments in the film with Helen trying to locate the Screenslayer and some even more amazing twists that are revealed throughout the film.

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The Incredibles 2 does a great job of balancing the family story with action and thrills. It was definitely well worth the 14 year wait to get to and it leaves the viewer with an opening for another film. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait another 14 years for The Incredibles 3.

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