Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 2

Straighten It Out

After surviving a point-blank shot by a Judas bullet, Luke and Claire try to determine how Luke made it through without a scratch. They decide to test Luke’s limits in a public display that brings out the public and the press. As everyone enjoys the show and we see that Luke’s powers are increasing, Claire brings everything back to reality by asking the simple question; What if there is something out there worse than a Judas Bullet?


Luke’s arrogance is getting more intense as he really believes that nothing can hurt him. Mariah is trying to go legit, but Shades is trying to keep her back in the game. It’s becoming more and more evident to those around them that there is a weakness at the top and it’s only a matter of time before someone is going to come gunning for one or both of them. Meanwhile, Misty is back at the precinct on light duty and we get an opportunity to see her new role in the department and its limitations.


Bushmaster decides to take to the streets after we get to see his powers in action. At the same time, Luke’s father decides to pay a visit to Pop’s and you can clearly see the tension between the two men. It’s thick enough to cut through and it is a testament to the acting of Mike Colter and Reg E Cathey. One of the other themes that seems to be forming this season is family as Mariah is asked some uncomfortable questions about her daughter and Bushmaster visits someone from his past to discuss his family. The Bushmaster scene is going to show the other side of the Luke Cage coin as he sees the attention Luke is getting and starts forming his plans.


Luke once again walks into a situation where he doesn’t think first and he pays for it, again. We get to see Claire confront him about her feelings and her fears and their fight is full of brutal truth the Luke is too in his head to think clearly. It’s his stubbornness that’s going to cost him and it becomes clear when he gets a call that pushes him into action.

This episode does a lot to establish the characters that we will be seeing more of this season and their connections to each other and the overall plot. It was a little slow at times, but the last twenty minutes did hit some really good emotional beats.



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