The Human Target #2

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Greg Smallwood

Colors by Greg Smallwood

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Chance takes a ride with a woman who might have the answers he seeks.

It is day two of Christopher Chance attempting to discover who tried to kill Lex Luthor and accidentally killed him instead. With a slow acting poison giving him only days to live, Chance doesn’t have a lot of time to find his killer. He does however find time for the woman waiting downstairs form his apartment. A woman named Ice who is in need of his help. As they head somewhere warm, Chance learns about her life, her tragic origin and her time as a member of the Justice League.

Chance also reveals more about himself, but the persistent cough that comes from the poisoning kills the mood quickly. After spending more time with Ice and learning about her connection to Lex Luthor, Chance’s list of subjects gets larger. A list that includes Ice’s ex Guy Gardner and her best friend Fire who both have motives to kill.

The Story: The noir style detective story elements of the plot continue to be engaging. King does brilliant work with the characters, dialogue and narration throughout the issue. Chance continues to be a compelling character and the stakes of the story are both subdued and tense at the same time. A great issue that is filled with intrigue and style.  

The Art: Smallwood’s art is perfect for this story. The style of the art is beautifully classic with a great color pallet and focus on character.

The Human Target #2



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