errand-boys-3-of-5_b6527cd121Errand Boys #3

Image Comics

Written by DJ Kirkbride

Art by Nikos Koutsis

Letters by Frank Cvetkovic

Jace and Tawnk are in hot water with a group of hungry aliens preparing to eat them and the Vazgog chasing them.

After the dirt pirates save them, Jace finds that he can’t talk his way out of their current situation and the brothers are captured. This is the first time Jace actually feels any pangs of regret for getting his thirteen year old half-brother mixed up in his scheme.


While his errand boy is on his assignment, Jace’s boss gets a visit from the authorities and they really want Jace in custody for the long list of violation he’s racked up.

On the planet, Tawnk is scared and Jace comes up with a desperate plan to free them and get them back to their ship. Unfortunately, it’s going to take the two of them working together to pull it off.

There are some great visuals in this issue and the tone is consistent with the fun atmosphere the previous issues have been creating. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anything deeper to hold onto in this issue. It’s fun and the dynamic between Jace and Tawnk has potential, but there isn’t much of that in this issue. At issue three, I find myself trying to determine what this comic is trying to say.

Visually, the comic looks great. There are some really beautiful panels to look at, but there’s very little substance in this third issue to sustain the interest of a reader to read what happens next.

errand boys #3




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