The Flash #768

DC Comics

Written by Jeremy Adams

Art by Brandon Peterson, Marco Santucci and David Lafuente

Colors by Mike Atiyeh, Arif Prianto and Luis Guerrero

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Wally makes a decision about his future a a hero. A decision that will have unexpected results.

After everything that he’s been through recently and with the return of the life that he’s been missing, Wally decides that it’s time to hang up the tights and stop being a hero. A decision that shocks Barry, but has mixed reactions from the other members of the Justice League, especially Oliver. With Wally’s decision made, he and Barry take to the streets for one last race. A race that will sever Wally from the Speed Force forever.

As the two begin to run, they find themselves going over their lives together and the good they’ve done. Unfortunately, something happens within the Speed Force that not only removes Barry’s powers, but hurls Wally through time to a primitive Earth where the Speed Force is out of control and growing. With few options, Barry calls in some help to find a way to bring Wally back, but there might be more to the situation than any of them guess.

The Story: Adams creates an interesting new arc for Wally and Barry in this issue. While I am already leery of another “Barry can’t access the Speed Force” style story, this one has some interesting themes for Wally specifically. His redemption path is intriguing as well as how his actions at Sanctuary still have an effect on how people see him. I liked the dynamic between Barry and Ollie in this issue as well as the conflict they have brimming beneath the surface.

The Art: The visuals in the issue are great. The characters look great and there is some awesome action throughout.

The Flash #768



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