The Flash #764

DC Comics

Written by Kevin Shinick

Art by Will Conrad

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Barry must use more than his speed to stop Dr. Alchemy from enhancing his power.

Barry is spending a quiet day with Iris when a news report tells the hero that Dr. Alchemy has escaped from Iron Heights. Racing into the fray, Flash must choose between saving the gathered prison guards under attack and stopping the villain from escaping.

In the aftermath, Barry must use his forensic skills to determine what Alchemy’s plans are for the stone. When he completed his investigation, he realizes that the villain is about to use the stone to change himself for good. A change that will make him impossible to stop. Counting on being one step ahead of the villain, Flash confront Alchemy, but the fight will leave the hero vulnerable when Alchemy takes something vital the Flash needs.

The Story: Kevin Shinick crafts an interesting premise with this issue. The problem is that (no pun intended), it’s too fast. Everything just happens seemingly out of the blue and the exposition used to explain every revelation doesn’t help. As smart as Barry is, I never got a sense of how he came to the conclusions he made and there were several instances where his choices were spotty in their logic.

The Art: Will Conrad’s art is great. There are some awesome action beats throughout. I wish the story could have been as compelling as the art.

The Flash #764



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