The Flash #70

DC Comics

Written by Jeremy Adams

Art by Jack Herbert, Brandon Peterson and Kevin MaGuire

Colors by Michael Atiyeh

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Wally’s travels to repair the speed force take him from the distant future to the not so recent past.

Jay Garrick is called in by the President to team up with the Ray to find an occult object that Hitler is actively searching for. Teaming the two together, they are dropped into a small island and begin their search. Unfortunately, the pair is depowered and captured by Nazi forces. As they are tortured and transported to an unknown location, Wally appears in Jay’s body giving the duo a renewed hope of escape.

Unfortunately, Wally’s appearance releases a power surge that interacts with the object giving the worst person imaginable super powers; Adolf Hitler. Wally and The Ray must work fast with the help of Mister Terrific, Green Arrow and Barry to find a way to remove both the object and the powers from the despot before he unleashes them on the world.

The Story: There is a element of fun in this issue despite its serious subject. I loved the classic feel of the story and how it gave me golden age vibes both in the story telling and the dialogue. I think the pacing is another thing that sold me on the story because it was allowed to progress and find its voice before Wally made his appearance. The plot is enjoyable in its fantastical nature and its resolution made me interested in seeing what happens next.

The Art: All three artists brought an updated, but classic feel to the art in the issue. I loved the use of shadow and composition throughout the issue especially a lot of the exaggerated poses from some of the characters.

The Flash #70



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