EmptyMan_Ongoing_004_PRESS_1The Empty Man #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Jesus Hervas

Colors by Niko Guardia

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

As the two children sit in front of the cameras delivering the message of the Empty Man, Jensen and the Kerry family are on the run from his followers as well as the physical manifestation of his power.


A creature straight from a nightmare attacks the group and they barely escape both it and the cult members murdering everyone around them. The creatures influence seems to be everywhere as it cries out and the escaped group holds up in a hotel where Mr. Kerry demands answers of his supposed saviors.

From what little information that they can give him, it looks like the circumstances that bred this nightmare are not finished and the evil it’s begun is spreading.

Cullen Bunn has ramped up the action, horror and suspense in this new issue. Taking the implied horror of the previous stories and manifesting it in this issue takes the story and its terror to the next level. Even with the horrors surrounding them both physical and supernatural, Bunn continues to make the human drama the focus of this story and that makes it more engaging and appealing for the reader.

This issue is beautifully paced and the dialogue is dramatic and engaging. There are so many great moments in this issue that chill the heart and showcase what a strange and dark world Cullen Bunn is creating.

Jesus Hervas’ art is haunting and beautiful. There are panels that are deeply disturbing that transition into compositions that are powerful. All of the art in the issue is brilliant and it perfectly matches the pace of the story.

The Empty Man #4




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