The Dreaming Waking Hours #7

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Javier Rodriguez

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Heather finds herself in a desperate race to save her life and someone will use it as an opportunity.

After being attacked by Puck, Heather is still in the hospital. Unable to treat her cursed wound, she reaches out for help from anyone. Unfortunately, the only help she can muster is Matthew and Goldie. With time running out, she sends Matthew to retrieve her amulet of protection. At the same time, her boyfriend goes looking for help from Jophiel and Ruin when he can’t find her.

As her friends go to her apartment to look for clues, Matthew arrives. After finding what she is looking for, they head back to the hospital. Desperate and dying, Heather does the only other thing she can think of and uses Goldie as an anchor to call forth another being. One that has a unique insight into Puck and his machinations. One who can remove the fairy curse from her, but at a price.

The Story: Wilson continues a compelling and entertaining story in this issue. The characters are engaging and the situations they find themselves in drew me in as a reader. The story takes some intriguing twists and turns and Wilson does a great job of bridging the next arc with the end of this one. I am interested in seeing where the story goes next and what twists it takes.

The Art: Javier Rodriguez delivers some great art in this issue. There are some great character focused moments and the situations allowed for some great fantasy imagery throughout.

The Dreaming Waking Hours #7



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