Future State The Next Batman #3

DC Comics

Written by John Ridley, Brandon Thomas and Paul Jenkins

Art by Laura Braga, Jack Herbert

Pencil by Sumit Kumar

Ink by Raul Fernandez, Sumit Kumar

Breakdowns by Nick Derington

Colors by Arif Prianto, Jordie Bellaire, Gabe Eltaeb

Letters by Clayton Cowles, Steve Wands, Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Tim Kane tries to protect the lives of two confessed criminals while certain Gotham City detectives, and members of the Kane family, separately discuss The Magistrate. The Signal, Katana, and Black Lightning must protect a rebellion and battle the Magistrate. The Arkham Knights face off against the Magistrate to retrieve a prized possession.

The Peacekeeper’s have targeted both Batman and his detainees for death. He must find a way to keep them all safe while ensuring his detainees face justice. Meanwhile, the team dispatched to capture Batman question Peacekeeper-01’s motivations. Also, the Kane family must deal with their divided opinions of the current law regarding mask wearers.

Outside of Gotham, a message of dissidence to the Magistrate is broadcasted by The Signal. Elsewhere, Black Lightning finds Katana. After discussing his recent transformation, they seek out The Signal and help him root out an informant in their resistance group.

Back in Gotham, the former inmates of Arkham Asylum are also at war with the Magistrate. Peacekeeper-01 has set a trap for the freedom fighters, but the Arkham Knights have other plans.

The Story: The more I see of the Kane family, the more I am hooked on this series. The mystery surrounding Tim, as well as the family’s strong feelings in regards to mask wearers and the Magistrate, make for compelling reading. Speaking of the Magistrate, getting a glimpse from the Peacekeepers’ perspective makes for an interesting bit of storytelling.

I felt like this two episode story arc was too short. It’s a thrilling adventure and left me wanting more. I loved the dynamics of the three heroes, especially with Black Lightning’s transformation. The ending was exceptional.

Arkham Nights:
This was an intense and action filled story with a very surprising ending. I like the idea that heroes, villains, and the criminally insane are all determined to overthrow the Magistrate. It brings forth the idea that home is more important than ideological differences.

The Art: Arif Prianto uses rich colors to intensify Laura Braga’s art. It gives a visually pleasing effect. This, along with Braga’s use of character expression, emotionally pulls the reader into the story.

Sumit Kumar does an excellent job with crafting action panels. The scenes come to life brilliantly. The color work of Jordie Bellaire brings incredible energy to the destruction and danger surrounding all the characters.

Jack Herbert and Gabe Etaeb do a wonderful job of creating a dark, yet colorful world, filled with action and tragedy.

Future State The Next Batman #3



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