The Dreaming Waking Hours #2

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Nick Robles

Colors by Mat Lopes

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Ruin tells his story to someone with a connection to the Dreaming as Lindy struggles to escape from her dream.


Lindy is still trapped in a dream where she is surrounded by every theory of who Shakespeare was. A multiverse of Shakespeares find themselves confused as well and try to explain to Lindy that she can’t escape. When one of them says something interesting about the state of their being, Lindy decides that she has the answer for how she can leave. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a lot of time to put her theory to the test.

In the real world, Ruin and Jophiel take the baby to a powerful sorceress who might have the answers they seek to both free Lindy so she can reunite with her baby and allow Ruin to connect with the reason he escaped the Dreaming in the first place.

As for Morpheus of the Endless, he wants answers as to how Ruin escaped and he knows that the missing nightmare didn’t act alone.

The Story: The story in this issue is a little slower than the first, but that change in the pace gives Wilson the opportunity to both flesh out the characters more, but also to connect us deeper to the Dreaming and Morpheus himself. Lindy’s story is interesting as well and the stakes Wilson sets for the character give her struggle meaning. Ruin has become more interesting as well and his motivation to leave the Dreaming is worth exploring more. There is a great connective tissue between this story and the bigger stories of Morpheus and I am interested in seeing where the story goes next.

The Art: Nick Robles delivers some great art in this issue. The contrast between the dream world and the real world is where the art really shines. Robles gives a magical, dreamlike quality to the world Lindy is trying to escape while showcasing a depressing real world Ruin is desperate to stay in. There are great visual moments throughout with another one being the nightmare Ruin makes worse.

The Dreaming Waking Hours #2




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