Lovecraft Country


Season 1 Episode 3

Holy Ghost


In the aftermath of what happened in Ardham, the survivors have separated from each other. Leti has come into some money and decided to use it to buy herself and her sister a new house on the North Side of Chicago. A prospect that is dangerous in itself, but gets worse when the all white neighborhood decides to harass the new tenants and a supernatural presence makes itself known in the house.

Atticus has his own issues. Knowing that he didn’t tell his aunt the whole story about what happened to George, Atticus is feeling guilty and spending more time over at George’s place trying to help his family. When a confrontation with his father turns intense, Atticus leaves and moves into Leti’s new boarding house.


Things go from bad to worse when Leti discovers that not only is the house haunted, but that the man who owned it did unspeakable things to missing people and neither he nor his victims are willing to leave or let anyone else stay.


The series moves into haunted house territory with this new episode and it deftly chooses both its setting and conflicts to both move the story forward as well as showcase a supernatural example of real black pain. All of the characters have some intense and thought provoking personal moments and ever reveal comes with more secrets. There are some pretty intense personal moments between Leti and Atticus and the evolution of their relationship is electric.


This episode is Leti centric and Jurnee Smollett delivers on every level with her performance. She is strong and fearless, but with a vulnerability that allows those moments to strength to evolve naturally. Jonathan Majors brings an intensity to Atticus in this episode and his actions towards the end of the episode show just how far he’s willing to go when pushed.

Beyond the haunted house elements and interpersonal drama, the episode delivers a knock out cliffhanger ending that signifies that the events the characters went through in the first two episodes were only the beginning. A great episode that kept me on the edge of my seat every minute.

Lovecraft Country S01XE03




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