The Dollhouse Family #6

DC Comics/DC Black Label

Written by M.R. Carey

Art by Peter Gross and Vince Locke

Colors by Cris Peter

Letters by Todd Klein

The Rundown: Alice will take on the house and its caretaker in order to free her daughter in a final showdown.


After learning the truth about the entity inhabiting the dollhouse, Alice is forced to trust in the plan of the last being who fought its evil. With Una in the clutches of the house and the entity known as Cloax, the rest of the Dollhouse family begin to question their existence and the promises of the house itself. Alice prepares for a final showdown with Cloax using the one thing that has been effective in hurting the creature in the past.

After making her goodbyes and telling Jake about the plan, Alice calls on the house one more time to allow her entry. Once inside, her plan begins. A plan that will require the entire family to enact and could be the only way out for herself and her daughter.

The Story: Carey brings this story to a satisfying conclusion that leaves open the dollhouse door to more adventures to come. The pace of the story was well done, but the character turns once Alice entered the house felt a little rushed. There are some great moments of suspense throughout and both the dialogue and story made me want to read on and see how the story would be resolved. The story concludes on an engaging note that makes the journey worth taking.

The Art: Gross and Locke deliver some beautiful, often brutal visuals throughout this issue. The scenes are framed brilliantly to maximize the suspense as well as showcase the characters and the tone of the story. Cloax is especially menacing and the art delivers on the horror throughout.


The Dollhouse Family #6




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