The Despicable Deadpool #297

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Mike Hawthorne

Inks by Terry Pallot

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

On an expensive yacht headed out to sea, the elite of the criminal underworld are meeting to have fun and put differences aside; until Deadpool shows up. Wade decides that he’s going to send a message to everyone thinking he might still be a hero. A $20 million dollar message.


He decides to rob the floating casino and he cannot leave any place quietly. His escape is both action-packed and hilarious to read. What is also fun to note in the panels are all the lower tier villains on the scene including Stiltman and others. I’m glad Duggan took the time to play with the moments and give a real sense that the humor of the character is still present after how serious the previous arc had gotten.

As he escapes from the boat and the waiting police, he finds his way to where he needs to be so he can do what he needs to with the money; order a hit on someone special. All over, the word gets out about the target and the price and soon every assassin and villain available decides to take the contract.

There are some great images of the heavy hitters of the Marvel universe getting the call and preparing to take down the most dangerous target they could possibly face, Deadpool himself.

The previous arc had some really dark moments for Wade and it is good to see that some of the humor that has made the character enduring has returned. Duggan has done a great job of crafting this character into someone you can cheer for despite yourself and the humor allows that to happen. The art is well done as well and there are some great detailed panels. It looks like the next issue is going to go even bigger and I am interested to see what happens.

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