6640A2B3-F7B8-4D73-A1EE-0B04323C2E28The Despicable Deadpool #296

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Matteo Lolli

Colors by Ruth Redmond

A little back story to begin. In Secret Empire, Steve Rogers (Hydra Steve/ Steve-vil Rogers, whatever you want to call him) enlisted Wade to help him in his plans to take over the US government. One of the things that Wade was asked to do was kill S.H.I.E.L.D agent Phil Coulson and, according to Wade, that’s when everything in his life went to hell.


At the end of the last issue, Wade is confronted by the real Steve Rogers and Deadpool is not happy about it. The two immediately get into a pitched battle in the middle of street with Deadpool hurling as many insults as he can bullets at Captain America. The two argue over what Wade’s role was and his constantly being used by people. An argument that continues with each blow they give each other.

In order to keep Wade down, Steve does something unpleasant to most in full view of the public. Wade uses the moment as a means of escape. Cap continues the pursuit until they find themselves in Wade’s hideout with a series of bombs placed everywhere, a deadman’s switch and Deadpool giving Captain America a simple choice.

As cathartic moments go, this one was pretty good. Having Wade dealing with the loose threads that have gotten him to this point is good storytelling and Duggan gives both Cap and Wade some great dialogue to convey. I also like the fact that this issue gave Wade a chance to air his grievances even if he hasn’t learned to take responsibility for his own actions yet. There are hints that Deadpool has a plan in motion even though it looks like he’s playing everything by ear and I like seeing the character in a position where he is on his own and not seeking redemption.

The art in this issue stands out and I really enjoyed the battle between Steve and Wade. The panels had rich detail that was punctuated by the great colors. I have a feeling that this story is going somewhere interesting and I hope it keeps this momentum on the way.

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