The Department of Truth #9

Image Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Martin Simmonds

Colors by Aditya Bidikar

Letters by Dylan Todd

The Rundown: Cole gets a crash course in the realities of the job as he trails Hawk for a day.

The Department’s interest in Cole goes back a long time and that interest brings Hawk into the boys life. Using tried and true tactics that the man has honed for years, Hawk manages a campaign that uses the boys imagery and story to spread throughout the country. An incident that led to the Satanic Panic of the eighties.

In the present, Cole has been teamed with Hawk to find a way to get rid of the secret headquarters of their enemy. As they complete a series of seemingly innocent tasks, Hawk lays out what he does, why he does and how the Department operates in a world Cole doesn’t understand. He also reveals that the Scarlet woman that Cole has been seeing is connected to another member of the Department and only together can they find out what she’s really after.

The Story: James Tynion IV continues to craft an interesting and expansive world with this issue. There is a lot of exposition in this issue and all of it serves both the characters and the direction of the story. There are some really intriguing ideas being talked about as well and those ideas are what keep me engaged with this story, its characters and its world.

The Art: Martin Simmonds continues to craft some beautiful and thought provoking imagery on every page of this story. I love the style of this series and how the hard evokes emotion connected to the tone of the story.

The Department of Truth #9



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