The Department of Truth #4

Image Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Martin Simmonds

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: Cole wants to continue the investigation of the entity that has plaguing him since his youth, but another matter requires his attention first.

In a solitary room, a reporter meets with his editor to tell him about a series of packages he’s received containing the most damning evidence in history against some of the most prominent people in politics. It’s a mountain of evidence that could rock the foundation of American politics if it were to be published and not only does the reporter know it, but so does Lee and his team.

When Cole arrives to discuss his hunt for the dark figure from his youth, he is taken aside by Lee and tested on what he knows about the current situation with the reporter and what the exposure of those documents could mean for not only the department but for the concept of truth itself. As Cole puts all the pieces together and looks at the long view, he can see what Black Hat is trying to do with the information they are creating as well as the consequences of their release. It’s at that point, Lee gives Cole the choice of doing what must be done to protect the department, the country and the truth.

The Story: James Tynion IV crafts a story that is brilliant in its execution and scary in its relevance to both our politics and our society today. The story is heavy on exposition, but it is used perfectly as it connects with the bigger story, the characters, their relationships and the stakes. I was impressed with the story on many levels and found it thrilling as Cole is pushed to finally make a decision about his commitment to the department and its mission.

The Art: Simmonds art is haunting and engrossing as it perfectly captures the dark, ominous mood of the story. All of the panels keeping characters in shadow allowed for the focus to be on the story as it was unfolding.

The Department of Truth #4



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