The Death of Doctor Strange #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Jeff MacKay

Art by Lee Garbett

Colors by Antonio Fabela

Letters by Corey Petit

The Rundown: The heroes discover why there is no new Sorcerer Supreme and Strange goes after an old foe.

At Avengers Mountain the autopsy of Doctor Strange begins. Doctor Jane foster gets her tools ready for the autopsy as the second Doctor Strange looks on. A second Strange’s presence and his lack of recent memory continue to be an issue when trying to engage with him. At the same time a group of assembled heroes meet to discuss the Three Mothers. Clea reveals the history of the three warrior Queens. She also reveals the truth of the Peregrine Child. To make matters worse, it is revealed that not only did someone murder Steven Strange, but they took his soul as well.

With no Sorcerer Supreme to stop the invading War Lords and their forces, it falls to the Avengers to stop the magical threats popping up all over the planet. The ghost form of Strange begins the next part of his own plan to find out who killed him so that a new Sorcerer Supreme can be named. As they wait, Strange is confronted by Clea who is dealing with her own grief while trying to help the shadow of the man that she loved. As the two share a moment, it is interrupted by their next task. A task that will require retrieving Strange’s treasures from one of his greatest foes.

The Story: McCabe does a masterful job of slowing down the action and getting more into the investigation part of Strange’s murder. Something I’ve been personally waiting on since the beginning of the series. Exploring Strange’s past with Clea is another great dramatic moment, especially with the roles being reversed for them. The Three Mothers continue to add some dramatic tension to every moment they are in and the confrontation with Mordo is one that I am looking forward to.

The Art: Garbett delivers some beautiful art on every page of this issue. There are so many great visual moments, and the style is reminiscent of some of the best classic stories of Doctor Strange.

The Death of Doctor Strange #3



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