House of Slaughter #2

Boom! Studios

Written by James Tynion IV and Tate Brimbal

Art by Chris Shehan

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Aaron finds Jace and must confront their shared past.

Aaron gets the drop on Jace as he sits alone in the woods. Jace is stunned that the House of Slaughter sent him after him. As Jace ignores the obvious threat, Aaron thinks back to their time at the House and Jace’s obvious discomfort at his memories of his childhood. That night, the two join the others at a ceremony honoring the Order of St George and its history of killing monsters. Jace is called forward to perform a ritual that will bind him to the House of Slaughter.

Earlier that same day, Aaron and Erica are put through a similar ritual to help them contain their emotions and control their monsters. As Jace completes his trial, both young men share a moment that night. A moment that brings the two closer, but also brings them to their present encounter. As Aaron prepares to complete his mission, the two are interrupted by something else lurking in the woods.

The Story: Brimbal does a great job of showcasing the world of this series and how interesting and complex its characters are. The complexity of those relationships and the characters history both together and separately deliver some great interpersonal and psychological drama throughout. I like seeing this story from Aaron’s perspective and the evolution of his character is very engaging. The tension in the story is well done and I cannot wait to see how it continues in the wake of the cliffhanger ending.

The Art: Shehan delivers some great art in the issue. The story is character focused and Shehan captures that in some great close up moments.

House of Slaughter #2



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