The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Jeffrey Addis, Will Matthews and Nicole Andelfinger

Art by Matias Basla

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: In a cave beneath Thra, the quest for the Dual Glaive continues.


Fara is worried about Ordon. After being wounded in an Arathim attack, Ordon and Fara are trapped beneath Thra in a hidden chamber and the Mystic they find there is working to heal the Gelfling warrior. Fara finds herself in the company of a Grotton who has some information and stories to tell the young Gelfling about her current quest.

When Ordon awakens, the Grotton and the Mystic take the Gelflings to the place where the glaive is held. Unfortunately, the pair can go no further and no one knows what awaits in the dark except for the deadly trials designed to keep them from their prize.

The Story: The quest for the Dual Glaive continues to be an interesting one and Addis, Matthews and Andelfinger do an excellent job of keeping the story moving and growing and expanding both it and the characters. There are a lot of classic tropes in this issue and that can be a dangerous thing in a story trying to say something new about a world we’re discovering in its pages. Fortunately, the writers vary those tropes just enough to keep the story entertaining and keep its focus on the characters.

This story has fun with its characters amidst the seriousness of their quest. There is a well done balance in this story that allows for the quest to evolve while also keeping the tension of the upcoming battle intact.

The Art: Matias Basla delivers some beautiful, atmospheric artwork in this issue. The characters and detailed backgrounds complement each other well and everything feels part of the world and naturalistic.


The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #3




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