Harley Quinn #68

DC Comics

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Sami Basri

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: After the death of her mother, Harley is determined to salvage some holiday cheer one way or another.


After parachuting into the most exclusive Christmas themed land in the world, Harley is looking to have a good time and remember everything that she loves about the season. With the death of her mother still fresh in her mind, Quinn continues to be reminded of her with every new experience.

When the powers that be in the Christmas land see that Harley is not in good cheer, they send in their shock troops to bring her in line. A fellow not so jolly resident rescues her and the two proceed to find holiday joy in both remembrance and wanton destruction.

The Story: Sam Humphries has an uncanny ability to infuse the ridiculousness of Harley’s adventures with a level of heart that makes the character almost endearing. Harley’s consistent attempts to mask her pain with external stimuli is interesting to read and the moments when Humphries has the character confront the pain bubbling beneath the surface are both entertaining and sweet in many ways. I find myself torn at times between wanting the character to find a more consistent story arc and embracing the randomness of her book without expectations. This issue is a fine, fun and entertaining holiday story. I just wish there were more going on for Harley to hold my interest consistently.

The Art: Sami Basri has an beautiful, detailed style in the art that not only makes the characters and action look great, but also conveys emotional brilliantly from one moment to the other. There are panels where the depth of Harley’s emotions change from one to the other and Basri captures that in ways that keep me coming back to this book.

Harley Quinn #68




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