The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Nicole Andelfinger

Art by Matias Balta

Colors by Miguel Muerto

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: The scourge of the Arathim threatens the villages around Stone in the Wood and a legendary weapon might be the key to victory.


The Arathim are attacking villages and a lone survivor heads to Stone in the Wood to warn Maudra Vala. At the same time, Ordon trains a group of young fighters on how to defend Thra against the threat. His prowess in battle has gotten the attention of the Skeksis General who offers him a place as a guard of the Crystal Palace.

Flattered by the offer, Ordon says he will consider, but the threat of the Arathim gets closer. Maudra Vala learns about the threat and the oncoming Ascendancy. When Vala’s advisor tells them of the existence of the Dual Glaive, Ordon volunteers to find the weapon and a young Fara volunteers to fight as well.

The Story: The legend of the dual glaive takes center stage in this story. Andelfinger does a great job of bringing readers into the world of Thra without weighing the story down with a lot of back story. The world comes alive in this issue and both the pace of the story and the characters are dynamic and engaging. I really enjoyed this story on multiple levels as a fan of the material and as a stand alone story. I want to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Matias Balta captures the world of The Dark Crystal visually in this issue. Everything looks amazing and all of the characters are dynamic throughout. I love how this first issue looks and hope this aesthetic carries over throughout the series.

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #1




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