Criminal #8

Image Comics

Written by Ed Brubaker

Art by Sean Phillips

Colors by Jacob Phillips

The Rundown: Jane and Teeg are setting up a new score and everything seems to be lining up perfectly for she and everyone involved to get rich.

So why does Jane feel uneasy?


Jane remembers back to her childhood and one of the moments that shaped her world view and personal philosophy. It’s that thought process that allows her to determine that the one thing that is keeping her on edge is living under the same roof; Teeg’s son.

Jane goes after Ricky after finding some disturbing evidence in his room and her journey will take her to a side of town she used to haunt in her youth. When she finds the kid, she finds out what he’s been up to and decides that helping him might be the thing they both need to move on. Unfortunately, her presence leaves more loose ends she didn’t anticipate.

The Story: The film noir quality of this story continues to peak my interest. Ed Brubaker knows how to build a story through dialogue, narration and dramatic tension. There are so many different and interesting layers to this issue that everything feels significant when engaging in this world with these characters.

The Art: Sean Phillips has a definite and well executed style to this issue. His use of shadow and camera angles elevates the story to greater heights.

criminal #8




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