The Crying Boy #1

Keenspot Comics

Written by Niall O’Rourke

Art by Rob Moran

Colors by Rob Moran

Letters by Niall O’Rourke

The Rundown: A widow and her young son find themselves immersed in a supernatural mystery.

Nadia and her son Samir move into an old apartment building with a terrible history. As they move in, they discover a painting of a crying child on the wall. A crying child that Samir seems to immediately connect with.

As Nadia continues to deal with both the loss of her husband and the strange behavior of her son, the painting is connecting to him and contains a dark entity targeting mother and son.

The Story: O’Rourke evokes some classic horror moments throughout this first issue. The story is engaging and immediately immersed me in the world of these characters and Nadia’s troubles. There are some scary and interesting moments throughout and the overall mystery at the heart of the story has grabbed my attention.

The Art: Moran delivers some beautiful art in the first issue. I really enjoy the visual look of this story and how there are some realistic tones to the characters. The use of shadow is well done and creates an immersive experience for the reader.

The Crying Boy #1



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