The Crow Lethe #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Tim Seeley

Art by Ilias Kyriazis

Colors by Katrina Mae Ho

Letters by Samuel Murray

The Rundown: A traveling freak show has a new attraction with a deadly secret.

At the traveling carnival titled the Freak Chic Circus Sideshow, the announcer tells the collected unwashed about their latest attraction. A man with no past, no memory of who he is and where he came from. A man who cannot feel pain and who heals from any wound. They call him Null Narcos and he is a hit. Having been taken in by a new family, Null forges bonds with the people around him, but the desire to find out who he really is continues to haunt him along with the visions of a mystery woman who talks to him in his sleep.


At the same time, a dark force is on the hunt for the amnesiac and when he finds the Sideshow, he decides to make his presence known to the group, especially Null.

The Story: The Crow Lethe is an interesting story from Tim Seeley. The characters are colorful and intriguing and the plot is as unique as the characters. I like the fact that there is a strangeness to this story and its characters. Everything about this story feels immediate and new and that freshness makes the story engaging. I want to know more about the story and this character and the plot is engaging enough to convince me to read on.

The Art: Kyriazis offers some interesting and bold visuals in this issue. The art perfectly captures the tone of the story and the eccentric characters that inhabit it.

The Crow Lethe #1




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