The Codex Volume 1

Hayburner Studios

Written by Cory Crater

Art by Pablo De Bonis

Colors by Damian Penalba

Letters by Adrian Dela Cerna and Cory Crater

The Rundown: August and his friends travel an apocalyptic hellhole with a relic of dark power.

August Tansky and his friends live in a post-apocalyptic world filled with mutants and monsters. A hostile environment that requires cunning in order to survive. When the group discovers a cache of weapons and other useful loot, they find themselves under the gun by Jade. A woman who shares a history with August and uses it to take what they found. What they don’t know is that August found something unusual and has hidden it away.

When he discovers that the object he carries is filled with dark power, his companion Anna explains that he has found a codex with a connection to the dark power that scorched the world. The friends find themselves looking for help with the codex and neck deep in danger.

The Story: Crater crafts an entertaining and compelling post-apocalyptic adventure with some great action, characters and conflict. I was impressed with the world being created in this series and the characters as well. There are some great mysteries and reveals within the story that kept me engaged throughout the graphic novel. I really enjoyed learning about August and his friends as well as being interested in learning more about this world and what happens next.

The Art: Pablo De Bonis delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The story is dense and filled with great character moments and the art brings those moments to life with great details that capture the eye.

The Codex has a Kickstarter which is live. Here is the link.

The Codex Volume 1



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