The Closet #2

Image Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Gavin Fullerton

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: On a trip across the country, Jamie will discover that some nightmares don’t get left behind.

Thom and Jamie are on their way to Portland from New York and Thom decides to make a stop at an old friends place to catch up and bed down for the night. They get in a lot later than they hoped for, but Thom’s friend Mack is forgiving and even has some toys for Jamie to play with while the old friends catch up.

After reassuring little Jamie that they’ve left the nightmare of his closet behind, he puts him to bed in the guest room before sitting with Mack outside and getting an earful about his choices. At the same time, Jamie wakes up to discover that the creature he fears has not only returned, but has the ability to create his closet anywhere it wants.

The Story: I continue to love the slow burn of this story. As compelling as the horror elements continue to be, the human drama is equally as compelling as Tynion IV crafts an engaging story about a man dealing with the fallout of his own choices and how those choices are effecting his family. I like how both parts of the story build and I am interested in seeing how the story grows and evolves after the dark and intense ending.

The Art: Fullerton delivers some beautiful atmosphere to every page and panel of this issue. From the brilliant use of shadow throughout to the impressive visual focus, I love the look of this issue and series a lot.

The Closet #2



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