The Batman’s Grave #6

DC Comics

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Bryan Hitch

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Richard Starkings

The Rundown: Batman must fight his way out of Arkham and uncover a deeper conspiracy in Gotham.

Batman and Gordon are trapped in Arkham and facing a small army of psychotic killers under the command of the mastermind that has been steps ahead of the duo since the beginning. The two have to fight their way out of the asylum is they have any chance of getting to the bottom of who is hunting them, what that person wants and why another dead detective might hold the key to solving his own murder.


The Story: Straightforward and thrilling. Warren Ellis cuts through the fluff and delivers a Batman story filled with the tone that makes readers appreciate the character. The beginning of the issue is beautifully laid out with the characters fighting for their lives, but also giving some great moments between Batman and Gordon. There is a camaraderie between these two characters and that comes through in the dialogue. To make the story more compelling, there are some great investigative moments throughout that rely on Batman’s skills of deduction to move the story along.

The Art: Bryan Hitch delivers some great art. The fights and the art style are gritty and that’s what makes them work. The action is great and Hitch uses shadow and tone beautifully.

The Batman’s Grave #6




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