On Free Comic Book Day, Marvel released a prequel issue to the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man #1 and there are some new twists in the life of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is coming from Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley this July. On May 5th, Marvel released the first part of that new story and it sees Peter Parker looking for a new apartment with former roommate Randy Robertson. It’s classic Spider-Man storytelling as a group of super villains show up on the run from a local robbery and Spidey has to spring into action. It’s a fun issue that introduces a new problem that Peter Parker is going to have to face as Spider-Man.


In the issue, the villains include Boomerang, Electro, Rhino and Big Wheel. After dealing with the threat, with a surprising assist from Kingpin, Peter discovers that Randy has found them an apartment and a new roommate to share it with, Boomerang himself. What this new change in circumstances means for the wall-crawler is anyone’s guess, but Amazing Spider-Man #1 will be released July 11th.



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