The Amazing Spider-Man #78

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Sara Pichelli and Jim Towe

Colors by Nolan Woodward and Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Ben takes on Morbius but the outcome reveals a dark side of the Beyond Corporation.

An injured Ben Reilly battles Morbius after being bitten by the vampire. Unable to reason with Morbius, Ben realizes that he is trying to communicate. Morbius keeps coming after him in an attempt to get his blood for reasons Ben cannot understand yet. Ben decides that the best way to stop him is to use himself as bait and lure Morbius somewhere else. Unfortunately, that location might not be the best as Ben cannot prevent the security measures of the Beyond Corporation from causing serious harm to Morbius.

Janine finds herself alone again as the company won’t let her accompany Ben to be treated. The doctors treating Ben find their attempts to treat him questioned by Danger who sees research potential in letting Ben stay infected. At the same time, a familiar face decides to pay Peter a visit as Beyond sends out Misty and Colleen to wrangle Morbius. A task that reveals that there is more to the heroes working for Beyond than meets the eye.

The Story: I love the intricacy of the storytelling in this issue. There are several layers to the story and each one has some interesting moments to be found. I like seeing the clandestine elements involved and how Ben seems to be completely oblivious to them. While I wish there was more going on with Peter’s story, I appreciate the moment with Mary Jane and Felicia a lot. Misty and Colleen’s story is interesting as well and the cameo at the end of the issue makes me excited about comes next.

The Art: Pichelle and Towe deliver some great art in the issue. The action is lively and exciting and the character moments look fantastic.

The Amazing Spider-Man #78



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