Eternals #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Esad Ribic

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: A small group of Eternals turns to their mortal enemies to forge a new path as a new ruler ascends to the throne.

After discovering the cost of their resurrection, the Eternals have turned to the Deviants for help. Unfortunately, the long history of their war makes their presence tense to the Deviants who live in Lemuria and they’re appearance is quickly discovered. As they prepare to fight, Thena tries to stop the battle before it begins. The Deviant leader Kro arrives to talk with the Eternals and his history with Thena disperse the crowd. Kro decides to speak to Sersei regarding the reason the Eternals have come to the home of the Deviants.

Back on Earth, Ikaris deals with the reality of his relationship with the boy he was trying to save. As Phastos vows to make amends for his hand in recent events, Ikaris decides to reveal the truth to people who should hear it from him. As he prepares to tell the boy’s parents the truth, an Eternal crime lord warns him of the consequences if he does. At the same time, Druig begins to enact his plan. A plan that will sit Thanos on the throne as the Prime Eternal.

The Story: Gillen crafts a brilliant and intriguing thriller in this issue. The separate plot lines have a great symmetry to them and each group has some interesting twists in their stories. The dynamic between Druig and Thanos is compelling and its conclusion was an interesting surprise. Ikaris’ dilemma was also interesting and his story is engaging on its own for both its personal connection to him and what it means for Eternals society. The whole issue is an engaging tale that keeps me interested and intrigued.

The Art: Esad Ribic delivers some impressive and beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. There are some great, emotional character moments depicted and the action is thrilling as well.

Eternals #7



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