703127._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The Amazing Spider-Man #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Humberto Ramos

Inks by Victor Olazaba

Colors by Edgar Delgado

Letters by Joe Caramagna

Boomerang and Peter Parker are trapped in a bar full of super villains who are all gunning for them. After Wilson Fisk put a price on Boomerang’s head, his fellow villains all decided to cash in, leaving Peter to have to fight his way out of the bar without tipping his hand by using his powers. In an uncharacteristic move for him, Boomerang actually seems to be concerned for Peter’s safety, taking a shot meant for him to protect his roommate.


Meanwhile, Fisk has decided that Boomerang needs to be taught a lesson and that if he doesn’t get him first, he intends to get to him through his roommates Peter and Randy. As Fisk contemplates his next move, the shadow figure that has been plaguing so many of the villains in Peter’s life makes his presence known to Fisk and tells him that the roommates are off limits. In a rare moment of will, the figure puts Fisk in his place and has the Mayor genuflect for good measure.

With each issue, Spencer is making me more curious about what is coming for Spider-Man. Keeping things grounded and surface for Peter really helps to ramp up the tension in the story because the reader has no idea what to expect. It also helps that there is a force that elicitsthat kind of fear from everyone, especially Fisk. Knowing that Fisk bows to this creature makes his presence even scarier for the reader.

Ramos’ art is expressive and fun. It’s filled with energy that makes the story move at a great pace. Even in the slower, exposition heavy moments, the art does a great job of framing the characters and immersing the reader into the world.

The Amazing Spider-Man #7




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