The Amazing Spider-Man #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Ed McGuinness

Inks by Mark Morales, Ed McGuinness, Wade von Grawbadger and Cliff Rathburn

Colors by Marcio Menyz, Dijjo Lima and Erick Arciniega

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter’s birthday celebration is interrupted by a dangerous creature seeking his alter-ego.

In typical Parker fashion, Peter arrives on time to his surprise birthday party which immediately ruins the surprise. After a series of awkward interactions with everyone from Felicia to Bobbi, things get even more tense when Doctor Octopus’ tentacles rip through the wall and reveal that they are attached to someone completely unexpected.

After helping out a friend, Spider-Man finds himself locking horns with an adaptoid that has all the powers and personalities of his greatest enemies. At the same time, a new enemy has grabbed all of Peter’s loved ones in order to force them to reveal the identity of Spider-Man. In order to fight the adaptoid and free his loved ones, Spidey will have to do the unthinkable; team up with the Sinister Six.

The Story: For the 900th issue of Spider-Man, this story was fun and filled with great action. There are a couple of additional stories in this issue that are also fun, but I love the message of this first story and what it means to Spider-Man as a character. Definitely a lively, fun adventure that nails the essence of the character.

The Art: McGuinness delivers some beautifully detailed and vibrant art throughout the story. The art is visually thrilling and filled with great energy.

The Amazing Spider-Man #6



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