The Amazing Spider-Man #53

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Mark Bagley

Inks by John Dell

Colors by Edgar Delgado

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Kindred reveals himself to Peter as he begins the process of torturing Spider-Man.

Kindred has been revealed and the first trip he makes after killing Spider-Man is to his old home to watch over his ex-wife and his child. As Kindred stalks the halls of his former home, Peter awakens in his own. With the realization that he’s in the past, Peter proceeds to leave Aunt May’s home and head to his destination.

A party is being thrown. A party that will reunite Peter with old friends, some that have been gone for awhile. When he spots the person he’s been looking for, he loses her in the growing crowd as an old friend appears with someone special on his arm. As the nightmare continues for Peter Parker, Kindred brings Spider-Man back from the dead because what he has planned for his old friend has only just begun.

The Story: This issue has a darker, more ominous feel to it because Nick Spencer makes the story uniquely personal. The threat of Kindred is more dangerous because Spencer keeps the man’s true motives a mystery that makes the reader question everything like Peter is. As interesting as the plot is, it went by a little fast. I was hoping for more, but was satisfied with what I got.

The Art: Mark Bagley does excellent work with the art in this issue. The style of the art aligns perfectly with both the setting and the tone of the story. A great looking issue from start to finish.

The Amazing Spider-Man #53



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