The Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Federico Vicentini

Colors by Marcio Menyz

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: While Norman Osborn confesses his many sins, Spider-Man finds himself fighting his closest allies.

Norman Osborn is overcome with his guilt and turns to Dr. Kafka to confess his sins after his run in with the Sin Eater. At the same time, Peter fights for his life against his allies who have been possessed by Kindred. As the fight rages on in the cramped quarters of Norman’s escape sub, Kindred reveals himself to Peter just before everything goes to hell.

Spidey manages to escape, but he has to save the pod even with everyone in it set on killing him. Even after rescuing them, the fight continues and there is no guarantee Peter will come out of it alive. While Peter fights for his life, Norman confesses to his failure with his son and how his abuse led Harry to become Kindred in the first place. Kafka comes up with a plan that might bring both of them back together to heal the rift between them, but he’s going to need someone unexpected to act as a go-between. Someone no one would expect.

The Story: Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg mix both huge action and personal drama into this issue and both work effectively. Norman’s journey is compelling for many reasons and engaging as a reader. Peter’s fight for his life is handled really well even with his constant feelings of guilt becoming tiresome. The bigger story is served well by both character arcs and I can’t wait to see where these events go next.

The Art: Federico Vicentini does an excellent job contrasting both stories artistically. Peter’s story is fast and kinetic and reflected in the art. Norman’s story is quieter and character driven which is reflected in the detailed characters and camera angles.

The Amazing Spider-Man #50.LR



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