The Amazing Spider-Man #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Ryan Ottley

Inks by Ryan Ottley and Cliff Rathburn

Colors by Laura Martin

Letters by Joe Caramagna

Peter Parker finally does what he should have done when he separated from Spider-Man, he tells Mary Jane what happened. They have a heart to heart about what to do about the situation and she tells him about how she is still struggling with her feelings for him and her feelings about what he does. The conversation does a lot to remind readers that there is an enduring relationship there that both parties want to continue. Peter is determined to reintegrate with is other half and not just because the two of them could end up dying if they stay this way.

Unfortunately, without any powers, Peter is almost useless in trying to steal the device that caused this from the school lab. Fortunately for Peter, he lives with a super-villain. After convincing Boomerang to steal the device, Peter uses his brains to find a way to track down Spider-Man and get the device in place. As he confronts his other side, the urgency of the two of them getting back together increases when an army of Tri-Sentines begin to attack the city.

This was a fun issue and you can tell that Spencer was having fun writing it. The dialogue was crisp and witty and the characters including Taskmaster and Black Ant all have some interesting and fun moments. The Peter/MJ moments are some of the best of the issue and I also found myself enjoying the mystery that Spencer is teasing in this arc.

Ottley’s art is great and there are some really well done details in the panels that pop with the vibrant colors and use of light.

Amazing Spider-Man #5




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