Domino #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by David Baldeon

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Outlaw is desperate to get Diamondback help at a local hospital. Their fight with Topaz and Prototype resulted in Diamondback taking some serious injuries. When they meet anti-mutant resistance in getting care, Outlaw decides to get a little physical with the nurse. Meanwhile, Domino and Shang-Chi are on the run in Hong Kong. After successfully surviving an ambush, the pair decide to stop somewhere to get something to eat after some seemingly successful flirting from Neena.

As they finish their meal, the master of kung fu decides to give Domino another lesson. One that his student needs to learn quickly because Topaz arrives and she is not going to stop until one of them is dead. Neena is going to have to determine who she really is and what she is willing to do to protect the people that she loves and she’ll have to realize something new about her powers in order to do it.

I loved the conclusion to this arc. Everything that led to this final confrontation was laid out really well and there was enough introspection and humor to make me care about these characters and what is happening to them. Simone has done a great job of making Domino a dynamic character that is still evolving and growing. She and her supporting characters continue to entertain with great dialogue, drama and humor. I also love how this arc sets up so many fun and interesting stories to come.

Baldeon continues to deliver some beautiful, fun and kinetic art full of rich details, great action and composition. I read through the issue multiple times to take in the richness of the art and how it flows across panels. Can’t wait for what’s next.

Domino #6




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