The Amazing Spider-Man #39

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by John Romita Jr

Inks by Scott Hanna

Colors by Marcio Menyz

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: The gang war in New York will create some new alliances as the city lies in flames.

The gang leaders in New York have decided to take new territory in the wake of the attack on Tombstone but Spider-Man and his allies are ready to bring them down. Miles, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman and Daredevil take to the streets to stop a group of AIM mercenaries and a villain using civilians as cannon fodder.

After stopping the attack, the heroes are forced to separate to stop flare ups all over the city. At the same time, Janice fights to hold on to her father’s territory while making plans to expand it while Tombstone recovers and seeks out an unexpected ally.

The Story: Wells crafts a thrilling, action-packed story in this issue. I like seeing these characters working together and there are some great moments with them as well as some funny dialogue. I like the stakes of the story as well and the suspense and tension throughout it. An enjoyable story that is teasing something interesting to come.

The Art: Romita Jr. delivers some great art throughout the issue. The action is visually fun and thrilling and there is some great imagery in the battles.

The Amazing Spider-Man #39



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