X-Men #29

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Joshua Cassara

Colors by Marte Gracia

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The X-Men travel to Latveria to liberate its mutants from Doctor Doom.

Before the rise of Krakoa, Xavier plans to send his message to the world. Unfortunately, he receives a message from Doom telling him that Latveria will not comply as Doom prepares his own team of mutants in his country.

Years later, Wolverine and a small group of X-Men travel to Latveria to recruit its mutants only to find themselves in a battle against them as they take their commands from Doom himself. A battle that will result in an uneasy truce and a shocking revelation.

The Story: Duggan crafts an entertaining story in this issue. I liked the action a lot and how engaging the character dynamics are. I think Doom was way overpowered in the issue though. I can understand a character being a few steps ahead, but the story positions Doom as some near omnipotent figure who sees all and knows all and far from making that seem impressive, it makes it seem annoying.

The Art: Cassara delivers some fantastic art in the issue. I really enjoyed the visual style and the wonderful details in the action.

X-Men #29



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