The Amazing Spider-Man #14

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Michael Dowling, Kyle Hotz, Terry Dodson and Ryan Stegman

Inks by Rachel Dodson, Tim Townsend and JP Mayer

Colors by Richard Isanove, Dan Brown, Terry Dodson and Matt Hollingsworth

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: As Peter tries to get his life together, Ben Reilly has a dark plan to get his life back.


Ben Reilly wants his life back. He wants his memories back and he will do anything to get them. Janine, worried about his new obsession, decides to leave him, but her trip back into the world reveals the danger they both face. A danger that will lead her to a new commitment.

An entertaining story that does a great job of showing the reader where Ben is mentally and the danger he poses both to himself and Peter.


Ben enlists Janine’s help with a machine that will transport him to Limbo. After finding its new ruler Madeline Pryor, the two bond over their shared status as clones and begin to make plans.

A dark and interesting short that has a great, ominous feel. I love seeing the growing darkness within Ben and how it is starting to manifest.


Ben and Madeline are deep in their plans for New York and its heroes, The one person who feels left out is Janine. Madeline decides to give Janine a gift that will allow her to be more than a spectator and she happily accepts.

I love the idea of Janine turning to her own darkness and it will be interesting to see what she does with it. Unfortunately, the character feels really cartoonish and silly.


Ben returns to Earth to take another look at Peter. When he’s confronted by the collection agent that’s been dogging Peter for months, he decides that it is the perfect time to bring the man to Madeline so that his darkness can become the first of the army Ben will command.

The Amazing Spider-Man #14



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