Batman Superman #17

DC Comics

Written by Gene Luen Yang

Art by Ivan Reis

Inks by Danny Miki

Colors by Sabine Rich

Letters by Saida Temofonte

The Rundown: Batman and Superman face a reality altering menace while their doubles square off against a secret society.

On a commandered satellite, Batman and Superman confront the being that’s taken it over and discover that it has the power to create pocket multiverses. Multiverses with version of themselves that have different histories and only a thin reality keeping them apart.

In that reality, Batman and Robin have taken the Spider-Lady aka Lois Lane and they want answers. Unfortunately, Superman is on their trail. When the situation forces them to work together, the heroes head to the Bat Cave to discover what is happening. With the threat of the Secret Society rising, they head to the lair of the real Spider-Woman and discover that she knows more about the missing Superman on their world they she’s telling.

The Story: Yang crafts an entertaining story with this issue. While the antagonist is certainly interesting, there’s nothing compelling about it. The rest of the story really doesn’t rise above being a curiosity. The classic feel and dialogue of the issue are fun, but there is a lack of substance to the story that doesn’t engage the reader. It’s a cool concept that doesn’t really connect beyond that.

The Art: Ivan Reis’ art is amazing. The action looks great. The characters are beautifully detailed and the entire issue is visually engaging at least.

Batman Superman #17



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