Tales from the Dark Multiverse Wonder Woman War of the Gods #1

DC Comics

Written by Vita Ayala

Art by Ariel Olivetti

Colors by Trish Mulvihill

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Tempus Fuginaut tells the tale of another crisis that took a dark turn.

A familiar story for Diana of Themyscira as the War of the Gods rages across the world with Circe manipulating the gods into battling each other. With Hecate using Circe to begin her own plan for the world, Diana must fight both of them for the fate of mankind. Unfortunately, this story has a darker resolution as Hecate’s defeat isn’t the end, it is the beginning.

Hecate possesses Diana and lives within her as a dark, malevolent voice in the back of her head guiding her thoughts and actions until Hecate can take control. When she does, Diana lashes out at friend and foe alike and it will take the combined might of the remaining heroes of the planet to find a way to both bind the destructive force of Hecate and free Wonder Woman.

The Story: Vita Ayala takes a classic story and takes it to its darkest conclusion. One that has some great character moments and internal conflict for Diana. As a story, it works really well. As a tale from the dark multiverse, it feels a little tame in both its telling and resolution. There is more of a “what if” tone to the plot than a really dark look at how Diana’s actions affect the world. It’s a good story that feels like it’s holding back.

The Art: Ariel Olivetti delivers some great visuals in this story. The style of the art is great and there is a classic feel to the imagery that is welcoming and engaging.

Tales from the Dark Multiverse Wonder Woman War of the Gods #1



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