Tales from the Dark Multiverse The Death of Superman #1

DC Comics

Written by Jeff Loveness

Art by Brad Walker

Inks by Drew Hennessy and Norm Rapmund

Colors by John Kalisz

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Tempus Fuginaut takes readers to another corner of the Dark Multiverse where the death of Superman unleashes a being of anger and grief on the world.


Superman fights his final battle against Doomsday on the streets of Metropolis and when the dust settles, Lois is holding his lifeless body as heroes gather to try to help. Unfortunately, Lois is uninterested in their words as well as their shows of grief. She sees a world continuing to spiral into the darkness and a human race that never deserved the hero that Clark was.

In her grief, the Eradicator appears and gifts her with Superman’s powers. She uses them to right the wrongs of the world, but she decides to go further. Further than Clark had ever dreamed of and her path will put her into conflict with the very heroes Clark worked with.

The Story: Taking this classic story and giving it a new perspective sounds interesting in theory. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be much that pushed the narrative into something that was either new or innovative. A lot of the dialogue was interesting. A few of the moments were fun to see, but overall the story was stale and predictable. I could see where it was going, it’s predictable conflicts and its conclusion.

The Art: Brad Walker’s art is impressive and filled with stunning details.


Tales from the Dark Multiverse The Death of Superman #1




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