Contagion #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by Adam Gorham

Colors by Veronica Gandini

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: When punching at an all consuming living disease doesn’t work, Moon Knight will have to find an unconventional means of stopping the living Contagion.


The Urchin has unleashed the latest trick in its arsenal to protect itself from the remaining heroes, their reanimated friends. Fighting hero to hero through the streets, Moon Knight decides to take a chance that his ability to tap into other personalities and alter his mind will protect him from the effects of the Urchin.

When he’s taken by the infection, Marc awakens in the mind of the creature itself. Seeing his friends and allies being consumed by the contagion, Marc is forced to dive even deeper to discover the one way to fight the Contagion and free his friends.

The Story: An immensely satisfying conclusion from Ed Brisson and Adam Gorham. Wrapping up a storyline as dense and consuming as this one can be a difficult needle to thread, but Brisson manages to do so with humor, heart and fun. Making Moon Knight the focus of this finale was a great plot device that allowed for some interesting and fun moments that culminated in a finale worthy of the character.

The Art: Adam Gorham brought some beautiful visuals to this finale. The characters looked great, the action was fantastic and the mindscape of the Urchin was filled with enough trippy visual moments to keep me engaged.

Contagion #5




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